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Uganda police arrests protesters over rising living costs.



At least a dozen demonstrators opposing the rising cost of living in Jinja, in southeast Uganda, were detained by the Ugandan police on Monday.

According to police spokesman James Mumbi, “Eight of the leaders were detained and will face charges of instigating violence on Tuesday.”

Witnesses claimed the demonstrators in Jinja, approximately 80 kilometers east of Kampala, burnt tires and stopped a busy route, forcing drivers to join them in their call for the government to subsidize essential food products.

According to Mumbi, the police “had to use the minimum force, including tear gas, to remove the demonstrators.”

“Of course, we encourage this type of demonstration. The government must take action. People are going to bed hungry at night, a 28-year-old parts trader named Solomon Wandibwa told AFP.

Uganda’s economy, which supports 45 million people, was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently feeling the effects of the conflict in Ukraine, which has increased oil and food prices globally.

According to the most recent government statistics, the inflation rate for food items reached 13.1% in May compared to the same month last year.

Since February, the cost of gasoline has doubled, with some isolated regions of the nation seeing a minor increase.

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