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Uganda Ebola disease outbreak officially declared over



Uganda Ebola disease outbreak officially declared over

Uganda Ebola disease outbreak officially declared over :

Less than four months after the first confirmed case of the Ebola virus was discovered in the country’s central Mubende area on September 20, 2022, Uganda today declared the end of the Sudan ebolavirus-caused Ebola disease outbreak.

“By stepping up crucial control measures like surveillance, contact tracing, infection, prevention, and control, Uganda quickly put a stop to the Ebola outbreak.

It was the nation’s first instance of this particular strain of Ebola and its first epidemic of the virus in Sudan in ten years. 164 cases (142 confirmed and 22 suspected), 55 confirmed fatalities, and 87 recovered patients made up the total. Over 4000 individuals who had contact with confirmed cases were tracked down and had their health assessed for 21 days. The ratio of fatal cases to total cases was 47%. The 42-day countdown to the outbreak’s end started on November 30 when the final patient was discharged from care.

While we increased our efforts to implement a strong response across the nine affected districts, the key to success has been our people’ understanding of the need to act to stop the outbreak and their willingness to do so,  Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero Said.

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