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Togo: despite state of emergency Togolese remain vigilant over security threat



Since the devastating attack on Togolese soldiers in mid-May, which was perpetrated by the JNIM, an organization of jihadists with ties to Al-Qaeda based in Mali, the security situation in Togo has increased.

People in the town of Dapaong have stayed in a complete panic as a result of the national emergency that has been in effect since June for the entire month of the country.

“Just after the jihadists attacked in the north, in the middle of May, people started to notice the military’s presence. They showed up. Since then, we have noticed that there are military personnel stationed all around the city. They are commonplace. Additionally, nightly patrols are conducted.” Africa news was informed by Emmanuel Batie, a shop and restaurant manager in Dapaong.

“We are too afraid with the situation. We see clients, we are afraid to take them, because at that moment we don’t know who is who. We are too afraid. In the morning like this we can go out … before when there was security … before, we can go out, we can work at least 5,000 to 6,000. But today, with the insecurity, it’s really not good!” says Kanfitine Naniga, a representative of the motorbike taxi association in Dapaong.

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