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Thousands of migrants protest after dozens died in a attempt to cross into Spanish enclave of Mellila



African migrants protested outside the UNHCR office in Rabat, Morocco, on Tuesday. It comes after scores died Friday while attempting to cross from Moroccan territory into the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla. On Tuesday, the Spanish Attorney General’s Office confirmed the start of an investigation into the event.

“We went to Nador and were severely beaten. They assassinated our friends and family. The Moroccan government reported 23 deaths, but we know there are more than 70; this is terrible. We demand that there be no prejudice against immigration.” Omar, a Sudanese migrant, stated at the protest.

According to Moroccan authorities, at least 23 migrants perished and 140 police officers were injured as 2,000 migrants attempted to cross the high wire fence dividing Melilla from the northern Moroccan border town of Nador.

“Many of these occurrences were not documented, there are many dead among us, and many young people are currently in prison, with some gravely injured.”

We seek today to examine the dead and identify them so that we can inform their relatives in Sudan about what occurred.” We also ask human rights organizations to act to treat the injured and to immediately transfer us to other countries because we do not feel safe here.” Omar also added

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