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The world need to know this about Africa



This is 2022 and many people in the world always have a certain picture of how Africa is.

Some believe Africa is poor, they don’t have water, is dirty, while others believe Africa is still a struggling continent, yes they are many struggling continent out there and nobody seems to care.

There was recently a Korea movie named shooting star, it breaks my heart to see how Africa was depicted and many Koreans will fall for it ( I wish a Korean is reading this lol), the show started with the protagonist going to Africa to dig a borehole. that’s hilarious.

He went to Africa to dig a borehole, and when the water finally came rushing they where all rejoicing, this has to stop.

First of all I will like to clarify this by saying Africa is a Rich country, there are tons of things in Africa that most people don’t know about and they have to see the good side of this beloved continent, not just the bad side.

I will like to outline what people of the world always say about Africa and give a explanation.

1. Africa has no water: When ever someone say this I always smile and say to myself, are they really educated, ok Africa has water, here in Nigeria there is water everywhere you go, water is even sold on a plastic bag for as low as ten naira, you can see how cheap is that.

And yes rain also fall in Africa, we have seasons also, In Nigeria for example they have the raining season, dry season and what they called the harmattan season.

Ok and I will like to say this, Africa is a continent and not a country, they are different part of Africa, the north Africa, east, west and south and they have their seasons also while some have little rainfalls

2. why Is Africa underdeveloped ? :  This is another problem with this people, I can’t just come in google search and type why is Asia underdeveloped, but because I am educated I can say why is china develop that sound ok right ? my point is you can’t generalize the whole continent as underdeveloped.

Africa has many fast growing economies in the world and they are many develop countries all over Africa for example Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, etc. and many developed cities like Lagos, Cairo, cape town and the likes, this is 2022 for crying out loud.

3. No Food in Africa: This is most common in the media, people donating food to African children, posting it on social media like Facebook and many will start commenting on those post, things like poor children, they need help.

I commend what people are doing, donating to help Africa children, but in a case where someone posted on a tik tok Video donating ice cream to Africans is just out of the way, we need Akpu and egusi soup ( local dish ) not ice cream lol.

They are many people starving and looking for food in the world not just only Africans, so anytime you want to say anything nasty about you helping someone out, please think twice.

And we have food in Africa.

4. no house in Africa: well I guess many people still thinks we live in huts or stay in the jungle, I always see comment about that on social media, yes we live in houses and not the jungle, we also don’t have pet lions, actually I have not seen a lion before and I live in Africa.

This is Lagos Nigeria Below.


5. No social activities: Africa people is full of life, we party like normal humans, we play music, afro beat has become global over the years, musicians like burna boy, wizkid, davido nasty c etc. has become global and are known all over the world.

I don’t really have much to say about this but yes there is social activities and before I forget we don’t run and fight for our lives with terrorist, we have strong soldiers that defend us from any external attacks and Africa is really improving in that Aspect.


Just like many people and many countries around the world they also have challenges, I can’t denial the fact that Africa also has that problems, but many people tends to focus on the negative side of Africa which is mostly not true, Africa is beautiful, Africa is love.

Tell your friends about Africa, Tell them how beautiful she is.




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1 Comment

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