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Tanzania investigates into mystery disease that claimed the lives of three people.



According to Tanzania has dispatched a group of medical professionals and health specialists to Tanzania’s southeast to look into a mysterious illness that has claimed the lives of three people.

According to the government’s chief medical officer, Aifello Sichalwe, the disease, which has symptoms like nosebleeds, fever, headaches, and weariness, was found in the Lindi region.

In a statement, Sichalwe urged the public to maintain calm and stated that “the government has assembled a team of professionals who are still examining the mysterious sickness.”

Thirteen patient cases in all have been found, three of which have passed away.

The patients tested negative for the Covid-19, Marburg, and Ebola viruses, Mr. Sichalwe stated. While the others are being kept apart, one of them has recovered.

Two possible Marburg virus infections were discovered in Ghana this week; this hemorrhagic disease is almost as dangerous as Ebola.

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