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South Africa’s power sector is gradually emulating Nigeria’s poor electricity distribution



There is a growing failure in the power sector in Africa today and South Africa is gradually emulating Nigeria poor electricity distribution.

Due to frequent power outages that have affected both homes and businesses nationwide, South Africans are coping in the dark.

The country’s state-owned power utility, Eskom, extended the rolling power cuts this week, leaving some citizens and companies without electricity for more than nine hours a day.

Rolling power cuts have been happening for years.

Experts say that the utility’s problems, including the failure of its outdated coal-fired power plants, insufficient generation capacity, and corruption, were made worse by the strike by Eskom employees.

South Africans are being affected by the lengthy power outages during the colder Southern Hemisphere winter months when electricity is used in many households for heat, lighting, and cooking.

Both small and large enterprises have been forced to shut down for extended periods of time or spend a significant amount of money on diesel fuel to run generators.

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