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Seven people were killed in an explosion in northern Togo.



The military announced on Sunday that seven people had died in an explosion in northern Togo without providing any other information.

The blast took place in Tone prefecture, which is close to Burkina Faso’s border and where a Sahel-based Islamist insurgency is threatening to spread to coastal West African countries.

Due to the possibility of attacks by Islamist militants coming from north of its border, Togo this month proclaimed a state of emergency in its northern prefectures.

The explosion that occurred on Saturday in Tone’s Margba village left seven people dead and two more injured, according to a statement from the Togolian army.

It did not provide any additional information or label the incident as an assault.

According to the army statement, “an investigation is proceeding to ascertain the circumstances of this incident and identify the offenders.”

In a May attack in northern Togo close to the Burkina Faso border, eight Togolese soldiers were killed.

Togo’s military forces are stationed in the north of the country to try and stem the flow of jihadist militants coming from Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, where Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group are active.

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