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Our country is bleeding there is poverty and hardship – Peter Obi



The Labour Party’s nominee for president, Mr. Peter Obi, has lamented the severe poverty and economic problems in the nation, saying that the Nigeria of today was not what the nation’s founding fathers had in mind when they risked their lives to win our independence.

The moment has come for patriotic Nigerians to join the ongoing efforts to free the nation from political hijackers and rebuild it, stated Obi, who spoke on Saturday at an Alex Otti Foundation scholarship presentation at the Mata Dei Catholic Cathedral in Umuahia.

The presidential candidate said the reason poverty rate “is high up in the country is because Nigeria has remained a consuming country instead of producing nation.”

He attributed the nation’s problems to individuals in positions of leadership who lacked vision and demonstrated bad leadership.

The former governor of Anambra stated that while there is a large and talented youth population in Nigeria, visionless leaders have caused the nation to stagnate.

” This country has young people full of energy and talents but the old ones don’t want to give them space. So, we must find the youths a space. We must create opportunities for the poor in this country to earn a living.

” We cannot continue this way! This is not our country! A country where people cannot buy a loaf of bread is not our country. Our country must be productive. We must take back our country and end this poverty!”

Obi urged Nigerians to pray for the country’s leaders so they could use taxpayer money to serve the people rather than engage in squandermania.

” I ask for your prayers. Continue to pray for Nigeria. Use me as a point of contact. Let God touch our leaders to use public money for public good.

” It’s not their personal money. They must use it for public good. We must stop this waste
There is too much waste in the system.

” People are being owed their salaries and pensions, yet those owing them are living like stars. It’s unfair!

” In 2023, we must make a difference. We must take back our country and rebuild it”.

The presidential candidate said that Aba and Port Harcourt would merge into a single city under his administration in two years.

He claimed to have already explained to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu how Aba, Abia’s economic powerhouse, will be changed to join its neighbor Port Harcourt.

” I told Ikpeazu today that if I become President, within two years, Aba will join Port Harcourt and they will become one city.

” Those things they produce abroad, we can produce them here in Aba and export them. We must go and compete with the world.

” The shoes in Aba must be exported. All we need is Government’s support to export it so we can make a living.”

According to him, there would be a new Nigeria where development would be disseminated equally throughout the nation, making every region of the country extremely proud and glad to be a part of it.

Africa, according to Obi, will be affected by the rapid progress that would take place on his watch in every region of the nation.

Our country is bleeding there is poverty and hardship - Peter Obi