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Nigeria Online Photo Contest Scam, How it works



Instagram and Facebook are both well known for attracting people who are interested in fashion, style, and beauty, making them ideal places to advertise businesses related to these topics.

These entrepreneurs are astute. Their marketing strategies are excellent because there is no denying that social media platforms such as Instagram attract loyal customers.

Assume the contest host has an Instagram contest account called “Face of Beauty ( They always use Face of beauty name ),” which has 24k followers (both fake and purchased) and follows 0 people.

This contest page features high-quality studio-shot photos of women and men, with the contest guidelines captioned. It’s also labeled “closed,” and there’s a winner with an imaginary cash prize.

I have no idea how much money these people spend to make an Instagram page look authentic, beautiful, and gracefully ready for the spotlight.

They decide when to begin accepting contestants and when to end.

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They don’t just post the date; they also include an enticing instruction like this:

Face of Beauty has returned!!! #Faceofbeauty
Have you joined the most recent ongoing photo contest presented, If you haven’t already registered, we’re happy to inform you that this current contest is completely free!!!
There will be numerous cash prizes for the three winners as well as the participants.

Winner: 500,000 Naira + the lastest iPhone 20 X Pro Max + ambassador deal
1st runner-up: 300,000 Naira, Tecno Phone, Mansion LOL
2nd runner-up: 100,000 Naira

There’s more good news: the winner will be paid on a monthly basis.
To enter this contest, please follow the steps outlined below:
1) Follow this contest page @Faceofbeauty.
2) Share this post and tag 5 friends in the comments section below to follow and like it.

3) Send us a photo with your full name and request to be a contestant.
Hurry while the entry period is still open! It’s completely free!!!
Send a direct message if you have any questions.


When a desperate girl sends them a message, they will tell you to cast a vote with 100 Naira, and in order to be eligible to be added to the so-called group, you must reach a vote total of 5000 Naira ( How is that Free )

They dupe the victim into believing their fraudulent photo contest is real. It isn’t. But these young men and women fall for it, and all they can do is hope for the best.

It’s all useless. After a month of stealing money from 100 desperate contestants, they announce the totally fake winner, who is most likely a friend of theirs.

They joyfully block all previous contestants and sing praises to God for bestowing them with the best of luck. That is the lowest level of these basic scams.

We contacted a former participant in a photo contest and she told us about her experience. She said she voted with the sum of 400,000 naira but did not come in first, second, or third place in the final, which is a total SCAM.

The online photo contest has been going on for a long time, and while maybe 2 out of 50 are legitimate, the majority of online photo contests are considered scams, so you must be cautious.

Nigeria Online Photo Contest Scam, How it works

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