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Nigeria: Official INEC results are reliable, according to YIAGA Africa



The Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) official announcement on the votes cast during the Osun governorship election, according to an election monitoring group called Yiaga Africa, was in line with the group’s Watching the Votes (WTV) anticipated range.

Dr. Hussain Abdu, the group’s Board Chairman, claimed during a press conference on Sunday in Osogbo that if the official results had been altered at the ward, local government, or state collation centers, the results would not have fell within the ranges predicted by Yiaga Africa WTV.

He said, “ because the official results fall within the estimated ranges, candidates, parties, and voters should have confidence that the official results for the Osun 2022 gubernatorial election reflect the ballots cast at polling units on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

“ It is important to highlight that the counting process at polling units was transparent and included representatives from the four political parties that received the most votes”.

According to Abdu, the group used the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) approach and sent 500 observers in pairs to a random sample of 250 polling places, 32 mobile observers to each of the 30 local government regions, and 30 observers to monitor the results collation.

He claimed that the deployment method allowed Yiaga Africa to independently verify the election’s official results as reported by INEC and to provide fast and accurate information about the setup, voter accreditation, voting, and counting on election day.

According to Abdu, Yiaga Africa applauded the Osun people for their tenacity and dedication to a non-violent election.

He claimed that by holding political parties and politicians responsible for their campaign pledges, the organisation urged voters to continue participating in politics beyond the election.

However, Abdu urged INEC to check the newly established voting places to make sure that voters were distributed fairly.
According to him, INEC should update the voter data on its website and notify people of the changes in cases where voters were assigned to new polling units in order to prevent voter disenfranchisement.

On behalf of the whole population of Osun, Abdu said Yiaga Africa appreciated the numerous Nigerians who volunteered to work as impartial WTV citizen observers from around the state.

Nigeria: Official INEC results are reliable, according to YIAGA Africa

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