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Nigeria Army denies planned protest over unpaid salaries



On Wednesday, the Nigerian Army denied a claim from sahara reporters that some serving officers were preparing to storm Abuja in with a protest to demand payment for outstanding salaries and unfavorable working conditions.

In a statement, Brigadier General and Director of Army Public Relations Onyema Nwachukwu called the accusations “baseless, unfounded, and an attempt by some nameless opponents to tarnish the image of the military.”

He said that the force’s morale and physical makeup had undergone extraordinary, positive improvements that commanders and soldiers in the service had seen.

The statement went on to say that the Nigerian Army’s current leadership had given commanders and soldiers conductive enablement, inspiring them to put their full effort into using the logistics equipment that had been introduced into the theaters of operations.

He claimed that in order to lessen the strain on soldiers traveling into and out of the theaters to visit their loved ones, the army had offered welfare packages, fast payment of salaries, operating allowances, medical facilities, and welfare planes.

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