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Nigeria, Algeria, Niger plans to create Gas Pipeline to Europe



Algeria, Nigeria, and Niger have signed an agreement to build a massive gas pipeline project that will provide Europe with potential future alternatives to Russian supplies.

According to a joint statement released by the three countries on Thursday evening, July 28, the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline (TSGP) would transport billions of cubic meters of gas from Nigeria in West Africa, north through Niger, and on to Algeria.

According to the statement, the gas could be pumped to Italy via the Mediterranean undersea Transmed pipeline or loaded onto liquefied natural gas tankers for export.

Algerian Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab hosted Timipre Sylva and Mahamane Sani, his Nigerian and Niger predecessors, for project talks, according to Algerian state news agency APS.

The long-dormant project, launched in 2009, has reawakened interest in recent months, as gas prices have risen in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

When the TSGP was first proposed in 2009, the estimated cost of construction was $10 billion.

Gas could be diverted from European markets to markets along the pipeline’s route or elsewhere in the Sahel region, but the TSGP would face formidable logistical and security challenges, passing through thousands of kilometers of desert where jihadist groups have waged a long insurgency.

Nigeria, Algeria, Niger plans to create Gas Pipeline to Europe

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