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[Mali] Thousands in Mali demonstrate over ‘blasphemous’ social media video



[Mali] Thousands in Mali demonstrate over 'blasphemous' social media video

The High Islamic Council of Mali organized a rally with thousands of protesters on Friday.

The protest was in response to a social media video in which a man trampled on a copy of the Quran and made derogatory remarks about Islam.

Despite the government’s condemnation of the video, many Muslims are still incensed.

“There are people who have blasphemed our prophet, our religion, our holy book, the Quran, and our holy place, the Kaaba,” Issa Coulibaly, one of the protesters, said. We went on the record to state that we disagree with that because of this.

Another demonstrator, Marima Sogodo, said, “We only want our rights. Our priority is to protect our prophet, our Allah, so we must refrain from doing so.

“We beg God to punish those who committed these crimes in a way that will serve as an example to the rest of the world. We implores our authorities to fulfill their duties. Although Mali is a secular nation, we outnumber all other religions in terms of population.”

The majority of people in Mali (95%) are Muslims, and the protest’s organizers claim that over a million people demonstrated in Bamako near Independence Boulevard.

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