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Kenya News: presidential candidate Raila Odinga campaigns in his hometown



The presidential candidate Raila Odinga campaigns in his hometown.

According to Raila Odinga, Kenya’s long-time opposition leader and leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), campaigned for president in his hometown of Bondo Siaya County.

In his address, Odinga promised to solve issues of education, corruption, and poverty if elected on August 9th.

“Kenyans are facing four adversaries: bad health, ignorance, poverty, and corruption. And I have promised you that I will battle tooth and nail to bring Kenya’s four enemies to justice. As Azimio, we will provide free education from kindergarten to university, putting a stop to ignorance “Raila Odinga stated.

However, for many Kenyans, the high cost of living has been a burden. Some attribute it to widespread corruption and unemployment among the population, rendering them powerless.

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