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Just after Russia visits Africa, the U.S. sends top diplomats to Africa.



The United States announced on Friday that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken would visit South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda between August 7 and August 11. This trip was announced just two days after Serguei Lavrov, Blinken’s Russian counterpart, finished his African tour, which included Egypt, the Congo, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

It serves as another illustration of the power struggle between the West and Russia, which is ongoing in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine and a food crisis.

The US also announced in the same week that Linda Thomas-Greenfield, President Biden’s ambassador to the UN, would travel to Ghana and Uganda on August 4.

During his visit, Lavrov rejected claims that Russia was exporting hunger and instead accused the West of controlling supply and commodity flows during the pandemic, arguing that this made it more difficult to import food. The sanctions imposed on his nation were aggravating the situation, the Russian foreign minister added. Washington wants to change the narrative with these trips.

A risky wager given the refusal of many African countries to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a U.N. vote to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 25 of Africa’s 54 states abstained.

Just after Russia visits Africa, the U.S. sends top diplomats to Africa.

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