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I Will Stop The Leakage, Nigerians must live within law and order – Peter Obi On corruption



In an interview with a journalist today, Peter Obi stated, “If you come into the government today and decide to stop the leakage first, you will get more.” I will not be a victim or a witch hunter. Nigerians must follow the rule of law.”

Mr. Obi argued that if leaders maintained their integrity, corruption in government would be significantly reduced.

However, I can tell you right away that you will reduce it by 70% if you, the principal person, the local government chairman, the governor, or the president are not stealing, your family is not stealing, and those around you are not stealing,” he asserted.

Mr. Obi’s anti-corruption stance contrasts sharply with that of incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, who rode to power in 2015 on an anti-corruption platform.

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