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How to Start a Roadside Restaurant Business in Nigeria



Restaurant business in Nigeria is a lucrative business, to start a Roadside restaurant business in Nigeria is very cheap compare to other types of business in Nigeria.

You can start a roadside restaurant business in Nigeria with just 50,000 naira, that is approximately a 100$, and with delicious food, sound business practices, and proper customer service, you can earn more than N200,000 monthly! So, what do you have to lose? Road side business have produce a lot of Nigeria millionaires and hopefully billionaires in Nigeria, because of the unemployment in Nigeria, you can take this roadside business to your advantage.

Many Nigerian graduate are looking for jobs and where to get money to start a new chapter of their life after graduating from the university.

Roadside restaurant business is untapped by most Nigeria youth and this is really beneficial when you know about it.

I know of a woman who makes six figures for just running a roadside restaurant business, this is definitely a real gem.

This business is usually run by women and not by men, this have to stop, boys and men have to check this business out and take advantage of it, this is not a business of women and there is no place it is written that it is a women business and not a man business this have to stop.

Lets get down to business, and outline four ways on what you need and how to start a roadside business in Nigeria.

  • Good location
  • Decoration
  • Utensils and Accessories for Restaurants
  • Cook Good food

1. Good Location

To start a good restaurant, location is very important or you wont get any customers, most roadside restaurant as the name implies always tend to stay in the road and this is really important.

Lets take for example in the morning most people are looking for a quick food so they could eat and go to work, they might go to yours because it might be closer to a bus station and if they are also returning from work they tend to stop and get a quick dinner before proceeding home.

If you have to stay in a isolated place, many people wont notice your restaurant, so you have to be in a more open place to get noticed.

although staying at the roadside doing restaurant business in Nigeria is prohibited now and might get you arrested, you just have to have a good location where you can be visible.

2. Decorate Your Restaurant

This is also an important aspect of restaurant business in Nigeria, A proper restaurant and also a road side restaurant can’t attract customers with their poor decoration of their restaurant trust me, most successful restaurant owners are very strict with their decoration because it is the backbone of every restaurant to succeed.

So what do you have to do? what I will advice is to get a decorator that have the experience to help you with your decoration or you can do it yourself.

make sure to have a good set of chairs I will advice not to go with the regular plastic chair that most Nigerians use but a customize chair if its up to you budget. Next get a cotton, Tables and also some table decoration with some design on it that definitely will go a long way.

3. Utensils and Accessories for Restaurants

You cant just start a restaurant business without Restaurant utensils and Accessories, avoid going for plastic plate, this can discourage the customers.

N10,00 will be enough to take care of these, you just have to avoid things like plastic plates. If you serve food on plastic plates with a spoon, many people will not like it but they wont reject the food, but it wont give them that first impression when you are using a ceramic plate.

And Aside from the fact that plastic plate appear cheap and juvenile, there is a great likelihood of dirt accumulating and the plate discoloring.

You can always go for ceramic plate, You should choose ceramic because it is the most durable and least expensive option.

It’s not just about filling the stomach; it’s also about satisfaction, health, and happiness. While you work hard to prepare delicious meals for your customers, don’t cheapen your efforts by serving them on cheap plates. Food looks and tastes better when presented on a quality plate.

4. Cook Good food

This might  be the most difficult task of them all, people enjoy good food, nobody want to taste a bad food.

So all you have to do is to be a good cook, make sure you add the right ingredient at the write time, people tends to come back to a restaurant if the food there is great.

If you cant cook that will really chase a lot of customers out of your roadside restaurant.

You can also hire a cook if you cant cook to save your business and perhaps learn from them, because to be great a good cook is a plus for your roadside business.

I always Remember a woman called mama tobi not just because of her name but because of how good she can cook, she is also has a road side restaurant business.

When I was in the University there where so much competition, not the bad side of competition but the good side.

many restaurant are stepping up their own game bringing in delicious food, I cant help myself but to eat at almost all the restaurant everyday.

I felt satisfied going to another restaurants knowing fully well I wont be disappointed.

Good food is very important for any type of restaurant business you want to start.

In conclusion to run a good road side restaurant business especially in Nigeria it must have the following criteria explained above, this is really a untapped business in Nigeria with so much potential.

Even with the raising rate of unemployment in Nigeria this business can be really useful for the youth both boys and girls to get their life in a good shape.


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