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How To Identify Nigeria Gamers



Gaming in Nigeria has been in existence for a very long period of time, many Nigeria youth play game 3 to 4 hours a day.

Nigerian gamers have many things in common and if you are a foreigner playing with a Nigeria you will definitely recognize a Nigerian if you see one.

The Nigerian gaming industry is worth millions of naira, while others play it for fun, others use it to make money.

Multiplayer game such as Pubg, Free fire, COD is the most played currently in Nigeria with free fire taking the lead, followed by COD.

Why is Free fire popular in Nigeria ?

The reason is very clear, it is because you don’t need to have a iPhone just to play it, free fire can work in most phones and most Nigerians make use of tecno phones not Samsung or iPhone that is designed for gaming.

COD game also have large players but you cant play COD with a low budget phone, it will just lag.

So lets get back to the purpose of this article.

How can you identify Nigerian gamers ?

  1. They are always shouting [yelling]
  2. They always talk 
  3. They recognize their fellow Nigerian on the opposite team
  4. They are always the Hero’s


They are always shouting

You can’t see a Nigerian gamer that is quiet when playing games with them, some are quiet but most are not.

They always shout when they are in trouble or when they need med kit, everything about them is shout and shout, they are fun to play with because you will never ever get bored playing with a Nigerian, they can keep you active when playing games because most of them can tell you their life story over the game.

I was playing a game with my fellow Nigerian and I don’t think he recognize me as a Nigeria, I asked him what was his name, he answered Balogun, I never should have asked because throughout that game he talked about his life savings, his sufferings, his happiness and so on.

Nigerians always yell when playin that doesn’t mean the shouting is bad, it will really keep you company and active throughout the game.

They always talk

Just like i said before, Nigerians are talkative when playing games they can talk in low pitch when they are winning but when they are losing the game you can turn off your microphone because the noise might be unbearable for you LOL but its really fun, when you are the last man standing they will give you their support by calling you names for example the legend, king etc. just to keep your spirit up

They recognize their fellow Nigerians

are you a Nigerian ? then you will understand this, fellow Nigerians know themselves when they they meet, they might know them selves from their past games or from the person behavior.

For example, the way they speak, their words and they can also recognize them with their names also.

They are always the Hero’s 

When you are playing with a Nigerian don’t try and take away their glory because that’s when you will see them shining.

Nigerian players have this mindset of them winning even in their worst moment, anybody that try to make fun of them for example when you knock them down on free fire and you make a emote [ dancing ] they can actually pick offence,

Nigerians Gamers loves to be the hero of a game especially when they are playing with a female they don’t even know you will see the strength they have to beat you.

In all of this i mentioned they are still more and always remember Nigerian gamers are fun to watch and play with.

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