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How to get your PVC in Nigeria



Getting a Permeant Voters Card in Nigeria is not just a basic right, but both a civic and fundamental human right of all. 

In the forthcoming 2023 general elections, there is only but one way to make the votes of citizens’ count which is getting your permeant voter’s cards ready and handy before the next general elections. 

Getting a permeant voters card in Nigeria is but very simple step, but because of the nature and kind of government we find ourselves in, the situation isn’t the same in this year’s continuous voter registrations, as seen in so many Local Government areas. They are a long queue of Nigerians waiting to get their registrations done and excises their franchise in the forthcoming general elections. But, should we discuss this? Well, the question is how to get your PVC in Nigeria, we can know how if we don’t know why and how to go about it. 

This year continuous voter registration has been one of the most engaging and stressful registration for citizens and INEC staffers so far, as far back as when the voter registration begins in Nigeria. A lot of citizens are tired of the present administration, some are vexed by the way the INEC officials are making the system so stressful and somehow difficult, especially for our aged parents. 

There are a lot of grumblings about the voter registration by Nigerians on the processes involved and how it should be done, some have said, INEC should have been gotten feedback from citizens, and we don’t stop the process after each voting year, to enable continuous voters registration, like the registration of the National Identification Number, which has been going on for the past half a decade. 

With the campaigns on the extension of the election date, a lot of Nigerians have this to say: Now that the extension of the registration and collection of the PVC is ongoing, INEC should consider opening the centres for 24 hours every day, including Sundays. This should significantly cope with the upsurge in the quest to register and collect the PVC, which INEC acknowledges. 

With the aforementioned in mind, we hope that this will go well as we approach the end date for the continuous voter registration and how one can get their PVC in the coming election. There are simple ways the Independent National Electoral Commission has stipulated for one to get their PVCs these steps are from the registration processes and the collection of the permeant voters’ card. However, this exercise is for Nigerians who are eighteen years of age, which is the constitutional voting age for every single Nigerian. 

Let’s look at how one can get his/her PVC in Nigeria, following the press release statement by the chairman of INEC: I am pleased to introduce the Commission’s online portal for the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR).



Since the resumption of voter registration on a continuous basis in 2017, the Commission has been looking at ways to make voter registration easier, more accessible, and user-friendly not only to the multitude of prospective registrants but also to registered voters who may wish to transfer their registration or have had their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) missing or defaced. This is one of the Commission’s innovations to enhance voter experience by making the registration exercise faster, easier, and less crowded than before. Given the lingering COVID-19 situation, the new registration solution will help decongest registration canters, reduce delays, and allow prospective registrants to schedule appointments and monitor their applications from the comfort of their homes.



The portal allows a two-step registration process in which first, prospective registrants log in to pre-register by providing their basic biodata and some biometrics and second to complete the registration by physically presenting themselves at a designated registration centre of their choice. This considerably eases the process as a substantial part of the exercise would have been completed online before physical contact with registration officials. I urge all eligible Nigerians to take advantage of the services offered by the Commission through this portal. Professor Mahmood Yakubu Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission.

Following this action, a portal has been created to get all Nigerians registered for the 2023 general elections. With the following steps: 

In this portal, you are expected to register and sign in with your email address and password and other personal details. The portal is designed in sections to allow one to choose their preferred options. 


If you have not registered for your voter’s card before and would like to do so now, click the button below to pre-register and save a lot of time when you visit the Biometric Data Collection Centres.



If you have registered and you have not yet reviewed your information by providing your photo online on this platform, click the button below to begin the process



If you have registered and want to change your voting location to another polling unit, click the button below to begin the process



If you have registered and want to update or correct the information on your Voter’s Card, click the button below to begin the process.


If you have registered previously and you have not gotten your Permanent Voters Card (PVC), click the button below to find out where you can pick your PVC.



If you have misplaced your PVC or if your PVC is damaged and you would like a replacement, click the button below to apply for a reissue

These steps are both done online or in any of the approved locations INEC has chosen across the nation for the CVR exercise, which ends on the 30th of June, 2022. Until a further date is approved by INEC. 

Nigerians are encouraged to use any of the above platforms and steps in getting their permeant voters card, ahead of the 2023 general elections. Also to note that the online pre-registration has also come to an end at an early date that was announced by the INEC chairman on 30th of May, 2022. All registration and biometric capturing are done in one of the approved centres in Nigeria. 

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1 Comment

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