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How To Get Away From Flogging In A Nigerian Home



Many Nigerians will find this information useful to them, while some will find it funny because most of us have made some mistakes when we are young.

First of all African parent knows how to punish their children with different strategist, for example we have what we call the pick pin, kneel down, lean on the wall and so on.

I will emphasis on the going home late aspect in this article.

Children loves playing around and sometimes always go home late especially on Saturday when there is no school.

The Punishment Nigeria parent gives their children is flogging but after flogging we have the pick pin.

Now how can you get away with it.

When you go out and play and comes home late, always go to your mother and not your father e get why { there is a Reason} mothers tends to have soft spot for their children and always worries about them while they go playing, they don’t want you to get hurt.

Just imagine you got home late after playing football with your friends, what you have to check is.

  1. Did you do your house chores before going to play ?
  2. What time did you come home
  3. Always smile
  4. Don’t be harsh
  5. Keep your cool

The number one question you have to ask yourself is did I do the dishes, here in Africa is different from Europe or America, children in Africa always have chores to do, in my family we all have different chores, my kid bro do the dishes while I sweep and tidy up the house and if that is not done before our parent get back from work that will attract a punishment’s.

If you are in a scenario where you did your house chores then good for you, you are half way there.

Next you have to think of what time you got home, 8-10 is a big NO, in most African home especially in Nigeria, children can go out and play but they should be back before 8, that way the parent will find no fault.

So when you get home 6 or7 Pm good for you, you are more than safe.

Next on the list is always smile, there is a lot of things smiling can do, especially to our mothers, if you always give them that smile it always breaks their heart to punish you so you have to smile more often.

There are many kids that gives their parent attitudes because they all feel they are grown up and can take care of themselves, this is not true because you stay with them and you have to abide by their rules, when ever you did something wrong to your parent you don’t have to be harsh to them, you can talk to them politely and give details of where you went to if they ask you, this is really important.

And the last but not the least is keep your cool, in a scenario where your parent is being harsh on you, don’t fight back keep your cool and watch, they will at some point stop yelling after that you can talk to them and tell them every details and everything they needs to know about where you went to.

If you went out to play football let them know, if you went to a party let them know, if you went to your friend house let them know, so when it happens next time you can tell them where you went and they wont be mad.

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1 Comment

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