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Can Peter Obi Change Nigeria with his agenda and can he fulfill his promises?



Can Peter Obi Change Nigeria with his agenda and can he fulfill his promises?

For decades, the southeasterners have been shoved aside from the zenith of politics in the Nigerian scene, or so it seemed until a man named Peter Obi stepped into the political spotlight in 2016 as the aspiring vice president of Nigeria. That election wasn’t in his favour, apparently as he lost to Yemi Osinbanjo, the running mate of President Muhammadu Buhari, but that did not deter Peter obi, as four years after that, he has decided to compete against several other aspirants in the 2023 presidential race.

Peter Obi officially declared his interest in the 2023 presidential race on 28th May 2022 under the Labour Party. Will Peter Obi be able to turn things around in Nigeria or is he all just talk? Find out in this brutally honest article about Peter obi’s ambition and how it stands to affect the masses and the nation at large.

Who is Peter Obi?

The name “Peter Obi” is hardly new in Nigeria. He has been on the Nigerian political scene for years, but for a man who has a support group willing to hold a one-million man march for him, it makes sense to want to know more about who he is. Peter Gregory Obi hails from Anambra state and has served as the governor of the state from 2006 to 2014.  Peter Obi was born on 19th July 1961 which translates to the fact that he is 60 years old. He got married to Margaret Brownson Usen in 1992 and his marriage is blessed with two grown-up children (Gabriella Nwamaka Frances Obi and Gregory Peter Obi). He is a vivacious politician and businessman, most people know him as the vice-presidential candidate running with Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 Nigerian election.

What is Peter Obi’s agenda for Nigeria?

Peter Obi has made quite a lot of bold promises. For one, he has openly stated that he only needs 4 years to fix Nigeria if he is elected. He has also promised to turn Nigeria from being a consumer nation to being a producing nation. According to the presidential candidate, pulling people out of poverty is possible by engaging them and investing in them. When he met with delegates of the PDP in Kaduna, he solicited their support while claiming that he could turn Nigeria into a producing economy. He has also claimed that he is the most qualified candidate who can turn around the state of Nigeria. He has pledged to turn the fortunes of the country around. Peter Obi’s carriage, particularly during this intense campaign period has earned him the place of the most preferred presidential candidate among 14 others in an independent poll. The question now is, can he deliver on his promises and make the country great again?

Can Peter Obi truly change Nigeria and can he fulfill his promises?

I have been wary of the word “change” since the word evokes more of a negative feeling because of the recent happenings in the country, but in this article, change as a word is referred to in a positive way that means transforming Nigeria for good.

Yes, Peter Obi does exhibit traits that make him a prime candidate for the presidential seat. He promises to fix Nigeria and here are reasons why I believe he can live up to those promises.

1. Peter Obi has capacity

Peter Obi’s possession of capacity is evident in the qualification that he holds. As a one-time successful governor of Anambra state, several people can attest to the fact that no other candidate in any other political party comes close to Peter Obi in terms of qualifications. Peter Obi has said it himself that what Nigeria urgently needs is an experienced hand and if I do say so myself, Peter Obi has the experienced hands required.

Obi can change Nigeria as he had proven capacity for accountability, probity, and self-control whilst serving as Governor of Anambra State for eight solid years. He is not just a wannabe aspirant using the presidential race as a platform to show off, he can serve as proven in his former days as governor.

He has repeatedly displayed his in-depth knowledge on matters of leadership and politics. With the current state of Nigeria, any sort of mediocrity or lack of capacity will be detrimental to the people. Peter Obi has shown with his actions that he has what it takes to tackle this deteriorating economy.

2. He is prudent

The fact that Peter Obi is economical is no news. Those that truly know Peter Obi can attest to the fact that he does not waste money on unnecessary things. This fact is confirmed by the award issued to Peter Obi by Thisday Newspaper. The award of most prudent governor in Nigeria was given to him in 2009. For a long time, Nigeria has had leaders that are only interested in shoving the country’s resources down their foreign accounts instead of putting them to good use. Peter Obi is the complete opposite of those kinds of leaders.

To show just how prudent Obi is, he flies economy class just to save money for Anambra State. He is extremely prudent with public and even with his private funds. Despite his great wealth and riches, he refused to buy cars for his adult children, rather than asking them to use commercial vehicles.

Another instance of Peter Obi’s ability to properly manage resources is an incident that happened after his inauguration; he attended an official engagement in Abuja. He was lodged at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel and was accompanied by several officials. He rebuked the officials for splurging in such a manner and on his subsequent official visits to Abuja, he went with only one official and stayed at the much less expensive Rock View Hotel.

As Governor of Anambra State, he paid off all the loans and debts left by his predecessor but left no debt for his successor. He left billions of naira for the Governor who succeeded him. Nigeria needs a president who will spend wisely on roads and other infrastructures instead of pouring funds into frivolities and trivial activities like vacations abroad.

3. He has experience

I equally believe that he will fulfill all his promises as experience is the best teacher and Peter Obi has it in good measure. Peter Obi, from his antecedents, can and will change Nigeria with his agenda if allowed to serve as president. The fact that he successfully transformed Anambra state into a better place is enough proof to justify his ability to fulfill the promises he is making in his presidential campaign.

Through his consistent track record of honesty and accountability as the former governor of Anambra state, he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he has what it takes to rule this country. You know what they say, if you are faithful in little, you will be faithful in much.

4. He is not corrupt

Nigeria is unfortunately almost synonymous with corruption. It is this corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of the society, resulting in extreme poverty among the masses. One of the most notable things about Peter Obi is that he is corruption-free. He treads with transparency and does not hold back on accountability. No wonder he is one of the few past or even present political office holders who have never been invited by the anti-corruption watchdogs- the EFCC and ICPC!

But the question is do Nigerians want a president who is not corrupt? Just like my friend once said “Peter Obi is the man that Nigeria needs, but he is not the man that the Nigerians need” and then he explained further to say that Nigeria as a country needs a president who will set up structures and build a system and Peter Obi is the best fit for that, but he also went further to say that the Nigerian people are not looking for that kind of man. Rather, they want a president who will roam about giving them 2k each. This is sad but true. The question is will Nigerians stop thinking in the moment and instead vote for someone who is truly capable of restoring Nigeria?

5. He has the ideas

When asked why he wanted to be president, Peter Obi answered that he has both the knowledge and the vision to solve the problems of Nigeria. He also claimed that Nigeria is in dire need of help and he is the one that is best equipped to handle the situation despite how tough it is.

Peter Obi isn’t just like the average Nigerian politician that goes around making promises. He has the right strategies to pull off the promises he makes.

6. Peter Obi is fit

This point might seem laughable to some people, but don’t you think it is very important? What good is a leader if he isn’t medically fit to rule not just a small constituency, but an entire nation? Health is wealth and without a healthy president, the country is doomed to poverty. If you have been asking the question “Can Peter Obi rule Nigeria well?” The answer is yes.

Peter Obi is mentally and physically capable of serving as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He doesn’t have any critical health challenge that might impinge on his ability to serve effectively and carry out his campaign promises, unlike some aspirants we’ve seen out there.

What are the critics saying about Peter obi?

Expectedly, not everyone is optimistic about Peter Obi’s presidential ambition. Some people are skeptical about his ability to fulfill his campaign promises since most Nigerian politicians promise all sorts of good things for their tenure only to do the exact opposite after being elected. Other critics don’t appreciate the fact that he is from the South East with baseless reasons that people from that region cannot be trusted.

According to some reports, it is alleged that Peter Obi has meddled in illegal activities such as setting up businesses abroad and failing to officially declare these assets as required by the Nigerian law outlined in the Nigerian code of conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act and the Nigerian constitution. These same reports claim that Peter Obi broke Nigerian laws while conducting his businesses.

Despite these reports against Peter Obi, it is interesting to note that he was never accused of corruption, particularly diversion of public funds during his time as a governor. Peter Obi himself even reacted to the reports and cleared his name by insisting that he did not break any law while conducting his businesses.

A lot of Peter Obi’s critics are the people who are sick and tired of his constant preaching against corruption. Another set of critics believes that Peter Obi is a traitor since he is running against Atiku who was formerly his running mate in the 2019 presidential election. In response to that, he claimed that politics is a relationship and not a war. He also said that he went to Atiku to explain why he had to run for office before making the move. He further explained that Atiku gave him his blessings to run and he sees him as a brother and not an enemy.



There are so many traits that make Peter obi fit for the tremendous task of being the next Nigerian presidential candidate. He is not perfect, but he has exhibited exceptional leadership, especially in his time as Anambra state governor. He has proven to have the required skills and experience that will enable any president to function properly.

Just like Peter Obi has said, leadership failure is one of the biggest problems in Nigeria. If that is fixed, almost everything else will fall into place. Whether he will win or not is still up for speculation. However, he will have to emerge victorious in the PDP primaries before any talks of him being president begin to hold water.