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Africa: Nigeria and Liberia agree to increase military partnership



Faruk Yahaya, the chief of army staff of Nigeria, met with Charles Johnson, the chief of staff of the Liberian armed forces, on Friday in Abuja, where they agreed to advance their bilateral military collaboration.

At the meeting on Friday in Abuja, Yahaya promised to maintain the bonds between the two armies, and the Nigerian army promised to give the Liberian military more opportunities for training in its facilities.

Between 2003 and 2018, the Nigerian army’s key staff officers participated in the UN-led peacekeeping mission in Liberia, according to Yahaya, who also noted that doors were open for additional collaboration and support.

Johnson, for his part, acknowledged during the meeting that the Nigerian military has provided Liberia with a lot of support and commended it for helping the country achieve peace and stability as well as military development.

Liberia military

He claimed that the purpose of his visit was to enlist the Nigerian army’s increased collaboration and support in order to help the Liberian military expand its capabilities.

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