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90 students suspended and expelled for exam malpractice in MAPOLY



For cheating on exams, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic administrators in Abeokuta, Ogun State, dismissed and suspended 90 pupils.

This information was revealed at the Thursday matriculation and oath-taking ceremony by MAPOLY’s acting rector, Dr. Adeoye Odedeji.

Odedeji claimed that while 60 other students were suspended by the administration, 30 of the pupils were summarily dismissed.

According to Odedeji, the polytechnic’s administration disapproved of any antisocial behavior, exam misconduct, indecent dressing, secret affiliations, and other behaviors that they had pledged to oppose.

He said, “Your primary aim on this campus is to obtain a certificate which will help you achieve in life.

“Be informed that the management frowns at some anti-social behaviours, examination misconduct, indecent dressing, secret associations which you have sworn against today.

” The Polytechnic recently expelled 30 students and suspended another 60 students for examination misconduct”.

While rolling out the rules, Students are not permitted to enter the school’s grounds in vehicles with tinted windows, according to Odedeji, who also  cautioned them on their use of commercial motorcycles.

He said, “Some people have a penchant for tinted vehicles. But for the security of our staff and students, they are not allowed to gain access into our campus.

“We have also made efforts to register the motorcycle operations at the gate to ensure those that carry our students are known to us.

“I will only advise you not to take motorcycles on a long distance if you must take it at all.

“As fresh students, know those who you associate with. Refuse any unsolicited assistance from any quarter. Run away from anything that is capable of dragging the name of the Institution and your families to the mud.

“Rather, invest your energy in positive and productive works that will write your name in gold.”

Odedeji urged the matriculating students to utilize the resources available for their academic success, bragging that the polytechnic had over 100 teachers with PhDs.

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