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105 people have died as a result of ethnic riots between Berti and Hausa ethnic groups in Sudan.



105 people were killed and 291 were injured in ethnic violence in the Blue Nile state of Sudan over a fatal land dispute, according to a new toll released on Wednesday by the state’s health minister.

On July 11, fighting between Berti and Hausa people took place in the southern state. According to a prominent Hausa member, the disputes started after the Bertis turned down a Hausa request to establish a “civil authority to control access to land.”

However, a top Berti leader said that the group was reacting to the Hausas’ “violation” of their territory.

In other states, where the Hausa people have taken to the streets to demand peace, tensions have risen despite reports that violence has ceased and relative calm has returned to Blue Nile.

State health minister Jamal Nasser told AFP over the phone from al-Damazin, the state capital located around 460 kilometers (285 miles) south of Khartoum, that “the situation is currently peaceful.”

Since Saturday, he claimed, the army’s deployment has reduced the intensity of the combat.

Sheltering the displaced is currently a challenge, Nasser said.


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